Whiplass ii by koku chan


  • Real Name; Kelly Jones
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Pink
  • Statuts: American citizen with no criminal record
  • Base of Opertations: San Franciso California
  • Known Relatives: ember Jones'Sister
  • Parents: Eliza and Joe' Missing

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Whiplass is able to morph shape, and stretch her body into almost any concievable shape; she highly elastic


her upper limit seems to be about 100;beyond that, stretching causes her pain and great effort.

Whiplass is Vulnerbale to low temperatures which can slow her down considerable, extreme heat/she' not fire-proof and unltra-sonics.


At the age of 6, while traveling with her sister and her family, the plane they were on was bathed in the explosion of a stellar being. The being's energies effected ever-one on the flight,, some 250 passengers with various powers and abilities. In Kelly's case, her elastic powers. her sister' in turn, imbued with the power of flame, becoming the Super heroic Afterburner. many of the passengers, hunted by the government have gone into hiding. The jones girls parants, missing now for severul years, is a constant search for the sisters as they do their best to help the innocent and helpless try to keep out of the government's cross-hairs