Spandex by young creator-d88i4vr

Spandex is a elastic heroine created by DeviantArt user "Artie-stico17"( Her real identity is Rachel Caroline Rose and she an gifted scientist. She's unlike any other elastic girl because her powers are from the suit she designed. The suit, with turquese and white colors, gives anyone who wears it the powers of elongation and shapshifting.


Real Name: Rachel Caroline Rose

Alias: Spandex


Genre: Female

Species: Human


Rachel Caroline Rose is an gifted scientist with unique intellect. At the age of 15, she finished the college and gained a job in the college she graduated with honors as scientist. While working in the university, she met a scientist named Reed McCoy. She felt attraction with the guy and soon they became boyfriend and girlfriend. But Rachel's life changed when a mysterious fire destroyed her office. Inside the office there was all the work she has doing and she lost it during the fire. The cause of the fire was unknown but Rachel discovered who was the responsible of the fire; it was Reed, her boyfriend. Plus, she discovered that Reed was working for "Haley-Tech", a company of science and technology who were feared to think of Rachel taking their success and fame.

With a sentiment of anger and vengance, Rachel came to Reed's house and make him pay. But she discovered something terrible, even more terrible than her office and all her work lost in the fire; Reed was killed. Rachel was shocked when she saw Reed's body down and  all his blood in the floor. Rachel soon realized that Reed was killed by the company because they no longer need his service and they sent someone to kill him and leave no evidence of the fire. 

After the events of the fire, Rachel looked for a new job and she got a job in Di-TRON Industries so that she can keep her career as scientist. But that same night, she worked in a new project; she designed a suit capable of transform anyone who wears it into a human rubber. And then she promised to fight the crime and injustice of all the city as the elastic heroine "Spandex"

Elastic capabilitiesEdit