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Natalie is an elastic/plastic girl living in Colorado. She is a part-time superhero.

Natalie Millson (c) Stookam on DeviantART


NAME: Natalie Millson


Occupation: Superhero, waitress at Mr.Happybuns Burger Palace

Personality: Energetic, level-headed, and a strong sense of justice. Adventurous and passionate. A sucker for romance novels.


Natalie lived the first 15 years of her life as a normal girl in a quiet suburb. Then, a boy fell out of the sky and everything changed. She took him in, and it wasn't long until love blossomed.

One day, as she was visiting Baron's lab under the house, a chemical accident began liquefying her body. To save her from an agonizing death, he transformed her into living putty, and thus Natalie was reborn as an elastic girl.

Seeing an opportunity for a better life and a chance to do some good, she became a State Super, helping to keep her home and family safe. The rest is history.

Likes: Pumpkin pie, hiking, 70's rock, stretching, Baron (boyfriend)

Dislikes: Being inflated or melted, red beans, history


Pictures of Natalie can be found in Stookam's DeviantART gallery here: