Kidd-P's character Melodia

Mel, created by DeviantArt user is an elastic teenager said to have "limitless elastiticity and malleability". Sporting a green and white leotard with matching boots and a headband, Melodia fights crime in her home country of Brazil.


Mel (AKA Cynthia Melo), an elastic superheroine, was born in Brazil as the eldest of three girls. At eighteen years of age, she is popular to Brazilians, and she hasn't even finished school yet. Now, with her sisters, she forms one third of a superhero team called "Gene-sis" that works against Brazil's (and occasionally the world's) enemies.


  • Ignis
    • Sister.
    • 16 years old.
    • Ability to create and manipulate fire and heat.
  • Neblina
    • Sister.
    • 16 years old.
    • Ability to create and manipulate ice and cold.
  • Spark
    • Pet cat.
    • Ability to create and manipulate electromagnetism.


  • Doctor McCalamity
    • Mad scientist.
  • Spectra
    • Doctor McCalamity's daughter.
    • Ability to control and transform into shadows.