Original Name : Milly 

She's a character of Animewave.

Power : Elasticity,Slime-like Properties

Job : Robbing

Hobby : Videogames , Chemicals

Elasticity Limit : Unknown

Origin Of Her Powers:

She got caught with her sisters after a robbery. They got a special pill that they thought were for testing purposes.They took the medicine in,and everybody changed. Milly (Maleabel) was turning pink with a white stripe in the middle,and her sisters changed as well. They made an escape from the prison afterwards.

Her Art:

She mostly got vore,as she is more of a vore character. She was shown very little on Animewave's page,but she appeared in "brainstorm"'s gallery and " Valecity"'s gallery as well.

She fought against Keitie,Gomu,Mergirls,and more.

Allies : Her Sisters

Enemies : Keitie (Animewave wrote a 3-part story about them.)