The ability of elasticity is one that creates the ability to not only elongate but compact one's body.

Mechanics of ElasticityEdit

Elasticity is usually possible through a rubber-like feature within the cells of one's body, but may also be possible through a circumstance in which the cells duplicate to create length.

When one stretches, the stretched part appears to have a weightless effect as it seemingly defies physics. One can stretch for an indefinite length and still not be touching the ground at the other time.

There is also the circumstance of tension within the parts as they are being stretched. Like a rubber band, stretched body parts may constrict inwards as the part extends its length. This is not only a sign of elasticity but also a signal of how far one's elasticity can take them length-wise. People with unlimited flexibility may find no tension within stretched limbs, or the tension is not a matter. This feature is not evident in people that manage elasticity through the duplication of cells.